The Ultimate Guide to white water River Rafting in Nepal

Here is all the Necessary essentials information you need to know before plan your trip down to any grade of River including where to go, when to go, what to wear, and what to bring. The River of Nepal’s offers various Grade 2–5 white water rafting with nonstop rapids, making it an adrenaline candidate’s dream.

Rafting is an immensely popular adventure sport that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the natural environment while getting a workout at the same time. Rafting can be enjoyed on a variety of different aqueducts, including rivers, lakes, and oceans. Nepal is home to some of the best rafting destinations in the world.

There are a variety of different rafting experiences that can be enjoyed, depending on the level of difficulty and the environment in which it’s taking place. There are also wide ranges of rafting gear options that are available, making it possible for everyone to get involved. Whether you’re beginners or expert; Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world. It’s a challenging and thrilling experience that appeals to people of all ages. There are several different classes of rafting, each with its own unique set of challenges.

No matter what type of rafting you choose, it’s important to be prepared for the adventure. Make sure you’re familiar with the safety procedures and have all the necessary gear. Rafting can be a challenging sport, so it’s important to take preventives and be apprehensive of the risks. Although, the river guide also provide you the basic survival information before start your adventure!



white water rafting in Trishuli river one day rafting in nepal

Day Trip to Trishuli River Rafting Package

Day Trip to Trishuli River Rafting Package: Overnight Trishuli River Rafting Tour Package is best choice for adventure lovers with family or friends. White water Rafting, Cannoning and Kayaking in the Trishuli River is popular among Nepalese as well as foreigners. Its impressive gorges, exciting rapids, and easily accessible way from Kathmandu, chitwan and Pokhara impress all adventure lovers which help it to stand one of the most popular rivers rafting in Nepal. Rafting, cannoning and intermediate kayaking point of Trishuli can be reached easily travelling from Kathmandu to any other major destination of Nepal via Prithivi highway. Trishuli white water Rafting, cannoning, Kayaking package is available from Kathmandu, Chitwan or Pokhara at any time on your request. Trishuli river rafting point is only 80km away from Kathmandu and can be reached easily within 3 hours drive. If you are on tight schedule; Day River rafting and departure to Pokhara and chitwan can be done within the same day while staying the overnight adds more adventurous rapids of rafting as well as full fun and refreshment on the bank of the Trishuli River. You can also enjoy the zip line over Trishuli River which is just started. 

Hence, The Trishuli River used to be the adventure spot for kayaking, fishing, cannoning, and rafting which is popular among foreigners as well as Nepali.

Overnight Trishuli River Rafting Package

Overnight Trishuli River Rafting Package

Overnight Trishuli River Rafting Package is gaining popularity among the adventure seekers of family and friends and travelers around the world to skip from the crowded daily life of the city. An overnight trip to Trishuli is a perfect destination for fun and adventure from hectic of the city. Either you are traveling with your family, friends, colleagues, or solo an overnight trip is full of fun and entertainment. This is a complete bundle of adventure fun and refreshment on the bank of the Trishuli River.

You can choose packages as your preference, you can stay in tent, cottage or in deluxe resort on the river beaches. You will be welcomed with welcome drinks and your accommodation will be allocated. Staying inside the tent and cottage will be a different experience for you that night. In the evening time, you can party with DJ music and you will be served snacks and a buffet non-veg dinner on the river beaches.

The Trishuli is not just a river it has religious prospects among Hindus. Hindus believe that high in the Himalaya at Gosaikunda the god Shiva drone his trident into the ground to create three springs the source of river and hence its name Trishuli.

The Trishuli adventure packages can be combined with the trek out from Pokhara such as Poonhill, Mardi Himal, Mohare Danda Trek, Muldai View Point Trek, Khopra Danda Trek, And Annapurna Base Camp trek on Annapurna Conservation Areas.


Rafting starts: Charudi

Rafting ends at: Gaighat/ Fishling

Grades: Class III

Duration: 1 Day/ 2Days /3 days

Distance: 60 kms

Best season: All Round the year

Perfect for: Traveling from Kathmandu to Pokhara

Difficulty: Beginners

Tour starts at: Kathmandu/pokhara/chitwan, 3 hour drive from Kathmandu

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Bhote Koshi River Rafting

day trip to sukute beach white water rafting in  Bhotekoshi river

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Tumbling from the Zhangzangbo Glacier in Tibet. The Bhote Kosi River provides some of the most adventure activities in Nepal. The Bhote Koshi is used to for rafting, kayaking, bungee jump, cannoning, tandem swing, canyon swing.  Easy access and steepest river’s constant adrenaline rush packed rapids make it one of the best adventure day trip destinations in Nepal. Adventure lovers can admire the magnificent landscape, breathtaking Himalayan scenery, and surroundings along the way. The Bhote Koshi adventure sport point can be reached 2-3 hour northeast of Kathmandu.  Anyone can do Bhote Koshi River rafting from beginners to expert since there are III to V class rapid is available.  From action sports to outdoor activities; the River is famous in many ways to make it more adventurous.

The ultimate thrill of Bungee Jump also available in Bhotekoshi River,which is the First Bungee Jumping site in Nepal. The Bungee of Bhotekoshi will give you an adrenaline-rushing exciting thrill. You can experience the Canyon Swing, Tandem Swing, and Cannoning at the same place at The Last Resort.


Rafting Starts: Lamasanghu/Baseri

Rafting ends at: Dolaghat

Grades: Class III to V

Duration: 1Day/ 2 Days

Distance: 22 kms

Best season: All Round the year

Perfect for: September to November, April to June

Difficulty: Suits all skill levels

Tour starts at:  Kathmandu. 5hrs drive from Kathmandu.


Marshyangdi River Rafting

Tumbling Down from Annapurna Mountains, the raging steep river is one of the best rafting and kayaking rivers in the world. The Marshyangdi River Rafting offers some of the most exciting rapids in the world.  Draining off the northern slopes, the river of the Massif Annapurna Mountains is great for those looking for a challenging and strenuous rafting trip and is best suited to individuals with prior rafting expertise. The rafting run almost nonstop until the takeout point, with steep, tricky and thrilling rides over Himalayas. The Raging River is the persistent and powerful rapids and drops make Marshyangdi River Rafting the most difficult rafting route in Nepal with the grade 4 to 5 rapids. The Marshangdi River Rafting demands 100% commitment from crew and guide. ‘The Marshyangdi River Rafting Package starts with scenic 5-6 hour drive to Bhulbhule or Nagdi from Kathmandu. Total 35km of river rafting and kayaking takes 2 days to finish taking out point at Bimalnagar. Anyone can drive back to Pokhara 2.5 hour or Kathmandu 6 hour from Bimalnagar.


Rafting starts: Bhule Bhule

Rafting ends at: Sanghu/Phailiya

Grades: Class IV – V

Duration: 2–3 Days

Distance: 27 kms

Best season: September to November, May to June

Perfect for: Those looking for raging rapids and fast flowing water

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tour starts at: Kathmandu, 6 hour drive from Kathmandu

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Flowing from the mountainous region of Dolpo in the north, the Bheri River is known for adventure white water activities, fishing and National park safari in the western part of Nepal. The Bheri River is ultimate place for Natural explorer as well as adventure enthusiasts; exploring Bardia National Park with water activities will be a memorable experience. The Bheri River cuts a wide valley as it follows west to join the Karnali River just before it cuts through the Chure Hills, disgorges onto the plain of Tarai and flown into Bardia National Park. The Bheri River will also give you the chance to explore an atmosphere of mystery forest and wildlife and refreshing landscape of Tarai. The Bheri River is graded as an easy river rafting comparison to other ferocious rivers in Nepal.  But it will give you an exciting experience of wildlife and century old traditions and customs of local villages. The Bheri River is also known for one of the best fishing spot in Nepal.

The starting point of Rafting, Samjhighat can be reached by half an hour flight to Nepalgung from Kathmandu, and then one hour drive or 627km long journey by road. The rafting trip take out point is Bardia National Park where a jungle safari augments the great adventure on your trip. A combination of rafting, fishing, and jungle safari make an unforgettable experience for all adventures that choose the Bheri River Rafting.


Rafting starts: Samjhighat

Rafting ends at: Bardia National Park

Grades: Class III

Duration: Multi Days

Distance: 105 kms

Best season: Round the year

Perfect for: Families, bird lovers

Difficulty: Beginners

Tour starts at: Nepalgunj




Upper seti is the one of the short and best rafting Package near Pokhara. The day tour can be reached in 30 minute drive from Pokhara, the one and half hour rafting offer nonstop adrenaline filled class III rapids with fantastic views of mount Annapurna and beautiful George decorated with a suspension bridge and prayers flags. Even being a short trip the Upper seti provides more rapids into one and half hour than some other rivers provides in 2 to 3 hours.

Upper seti gives you the flexibility to fit in all other adventure activities that Pokhara has to offer!


Rafting starts: Bamboo Bridge

Rafting ends at: The Dam

Grades: Class III – IV

Duration: Half Day, full day and multi days

Distance: 7 kms

Best season: September to June

Perfect for: Adventure lovers, thrill seekers

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tour starts at:  Pokhara, Half hour bus ride from Lakeside, Pokhara




The lower Seti River is an ideal for beginners and family trip. The River rages in the monsoon, for rest of the year it’s safe and fun rafting trip. The river provides grade II-III water flows, but still provides some good thrills with very pleasant warm temperature which is perfect for family with kids, beginners, nature lovers or other those who are interested in learning river rafting. Starting from Pokhara, the white water river rafting passes through dense jungle and wildlife and sandy bitches along the river bank and ends in Chitwan National Park to make it more accessible for all adventure lovers.


Rafting Starts: Damauli (Kathmandu Pokhara Highway)

Rafting ends at:          Gaighat (3 hours from Kathmandu)

Grades:            Class II to III

Duration:         2 Days

Distance:         32 kms

Best season:    September to November, May to June

Perfect for:      Newbies, families, bird watchers

Difficulty:       Beginners

Tour starts at:  Pokhara. 1.5 hour drive from Pokhara.

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The Karnali Springs forth from a sacred mountain in Tibet Called Mt. Kailash and it’s a very important place for both Hindu and Buddhist. Following south into Nepal, it forms the major drainage system for the western parts and becomes Nepal longest and largest River. The River dropping into a dramatic canyons raging with the humongous volumes of white water and eventually following into the four-cornered bush forest of Tarai and produce a one of the best wildlife zone in the world. Dhungeshwor is the starting point of Rafting which can be reched by taking flight to Nepalgung and then around 3.5 hour of drive or by a long bus drive.  The Karnali white water river rafting provides you a challenging big water rapids, superb canyons, pristine wilderness and pleasant wildlife. The first half of river rafting into Wild West offers incredible whitewater rapids with IV class, which is commonly described as “a thrill a minute roller coaster ride”. The second half of the karnali river rafting settles down into some moderate & gentle rapids and eventually finished in dramatic pristine and unspoiled wilderness of The Bardia National Park.

The trip to Karnali river rafting, kayaking, fishing is a certainly a once in life time experience which provides wild experience of wildlife as well as adventure. Spending few more days in the Bardia National Park provides you a chance to see rhinos, crocodile, tiger and masher fish, sloth bears, birdlife, deer etc.It’s also known as Nepal’s premier fishing river, with giant masher (a freshwater perch) and catfish.


Rafting starts: Dungeswar

Rafting ends at:  Chisapani

Grades: Class IV – V

Duration: 4 days to 10 days 

Distance: 180 kms

Best season: October to November, April to June

Perfect for: Remote adventures in the wild, dolphin encounters

Difficulty: Advanced

Tour starts at: Kathmandu, One-day drive from Kathmandu

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Sunkoshi is widely accepted as one of the best rafting trips in the world. The Sun Koshi river rafting is the most popular of several floats in Nepal which passes through remote villages, jungles, wildlife, waterfalls and sandy beaches. There is nothing better than paddling during the day and stay on river side beaches camp at night, which could beat even the most exotic holiday for nature and adventure enthusiast. The sun Koshi rafting Start gently near the Tibetan boarder, and ending at Chatara, between Dharan and The Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve in the eastern Tarai of Nepal.  Unlike other rivers of Nepal, which start out rough and get tamer as they descend, Sun koshi starts gently, affording a chance to build up experience to steady diet of exciting water class III to IV. The Riverr Name Sun Koshi mean river of gold is an ideal trip to put your adventurous skill to the test amid the flowing, turbulent torrents. Thus, The River is best for all kind of river adventure lovers as it goes medium to high.


Rafting starts: Dumja

Rafting ends at: Chatara

Grades: Class III – IV

Duration:  8 to 10 Days

Distance: 270 kms

Best season: September to November, May to June

Perfect for: Nature and adventure lovers

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advance

Tour starts at: Kathmandu, 3 hour drive from Kathmandu

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The jewel of Eastern Nepal is probably the best multi-adventure trip in Nepal, if not the globe! The Tamur River rafting and kayaking is for those who are looking for hardcore adventure; the river rafting trip combines a beautiful Himalayan trek. The rafting trip starts after three days trekking following a  3,000m high ridge pass through the Himalaya with the beautiful views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu and Mt Kanchangunga before dropping off into the lush villages of Tamur Valley. The views from Goful Pokhari are incredible when you stayed in camp. Next day trek to Dobhan and start your Tamur River Rafting adventure. The rafting starts with big rapids and goes on roughly to the whole river till end to Chatara. Start with class V rapid and follow the class Iv rapids pretty much the whole way down, the trip is for Adeline junkies among  river rafter/kayaker, it’s a real expedition!


Rafting starts: Basantapur

Rafting ends at: Chatara

Grades: Class IV

Duration:  6 days to 12 Days

Distance: 120 kms

Best season: October to November, April to May

Perfect for: Those wanting to combine trekking and rafting adventures

Difficulty: Advanced

Tour starts at: Kathmandu, One day drive to Basantapur

Tour starts at:  Nepalgunj. One hour flight from Kathmandu + 4 hour drive to location.



The Kaligandagi River has name after goddess of destruction and named in one of Nepal’s most holy rivers. The kali Gandagi River Rafting is one of the famous due to easy access from Pokhara. If you are short on time and considering a more than a day 2/3 days it could be the best one which gives you a small taste of river expedition of Nepal. The  Kaligandagi River originating on the Tibetan plateau and plunges down through Himalayas to carving out one of the deepest gorge in the world between Mt Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna. The kaligandagi river rafting provides you the exciting white water rapids, spectacular mountains views, beautiful river beaches for camp along with deep gorges and traditional villages. The kaligandagi is probably the best for rafting at low and medium flows to offer the best all-around adventure in Nepal. And its good idea to add the rafting trip after finished the trek of Annapurna region.


Rafting Starts: Maldunga

Rafting ends at: Mirmi

Grades: Class IV – V

Duration: 3 Days

Distance: 90 kms

Best season: September to November, April to June

Perfect for: Natural beauty

Difficulty: Suits all skill levels

Tour starts at: Pokhara. 30 minute flight / 6 hour drive from Pokhara.

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