About Us

Nepal Trial finder Treks is operated by young and experienced trio who have been working in Nepal’s Tourism Industry for over a decade. What made us inspired to establish a travel company is our knowledge and professional skills in tourism and hospitality sector. A lot of credit goes to our hundreds of clients whom we served during their visit in Nepal. They found us highly professional and motivated very well to open our own private company, which honestly pushed us to work on our own ideas, our creativity to bring about the right action for successful business.

We don’t claim we are very special or our trip are always better than other companies but our confident is that we serve you in a special way, we take care of our clients cautiously and our ultimate goal is the gratified faces after completion of each trip. Our guides are trained and skilled with all the essential guiding course. They know how to handle situations, how to entertain you when you are feeling bored and support you individually even when you are travelling in a big group. Our trekking packages are designed to suit most of the travellers who want to involve in all kinds of tourist activities happening in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. All the packages sold from Nepal Trail Finder are guaranteed in terms of price, service and satisfaction. If you are looking for something extra during your trip, Nepal Trail Finder is the ultimate choice. Imagine your trip is going to be full of entertaining activities such as contests, discussions, sharing of ideas, crazy tasks to perform and surprising gifts; yes, this is why we are confident to announce that you will be served in a unique style. Book with us if you are curious to know how we run the trips.

Why NTF:-

  • Best hospitality with the best price
  • Do you have a group? We can help
  • Top – notch customer service
  • Departure date is guaranteed
  • We can help you to make it fits for your budget
  • 10 years of experience in adventure and tourism field.
  • Customize trip to fulfill your exact needs
  • Expert guide