An act of travelling in canyons with the use of various techniques as scrambling, walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, and abseiling. It is generally done in rugged and remote setting which often requires route-finding, navigational and other wilderness travel skills.

Canyoning in Nepal is a thrilled, fun and adventure-full tourism product. Basically in Nepal canyoning is done in waterfalls with the slippery rocks, along with the presence of jungle and nature. Route through intimate passages of slippery rocks and powerful blasts of water with our specialized guides leads one with the abseiling, sliding, jumping and swimming down steep canyon walls to make the good comfortable journey. Nepal’s Canyoning zone is auditioned by breathtaking scenery of untouched jungle with multiple natural waterfalls dropping one after the other into the pool.

Cannyoning in Nepal can be found in several places here is list of the place where you enjoy the adrenline rush and involves abseiling, sliding, jumping, climbing and swimming in Nepal"s most unimaginable natural aquatic environment. 

  • Jalbire Canyoning Lamo Jharana, Chitwan
  • Jalbire Canyoning, Bhotekoshi
  • Sundarijal Canyoning, kathmandu
  • Kakani Canyoning, Nuwakot
  • Jagat Khola Canyoning
  • Lwang Ghalel Canyoning, Pokhara Canyoning
  • Nar Phu Canyoning
  • Canyoning in Nepal
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    Canyoning in Nepal

    The day trip of Canyoning is some of the best outdoor adventures in Nepal. You will drive to the natural…

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