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Why the Khopra Danda (Khopra Ridge) trek is the best alternative for Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC). 

Regarded as one of the newly opened and most underrated treks in Nepal, Khopra Danda (Khopra Ridge) is the Best off the beaten trekking trail in the whole Annapurna region. Besides the famous Poonhill trek and Mardi Himal trekking routes, Khopra Danda (Khopra Ridge) trek with Khayer Lake stands best among the alternative trekking trail for Annapurna Base Camp trek. 

Why the Khopra Danda (Khopra Ridge) trek is the best alternative for Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC).

These are top reasons to why one has to visit Khopra Danda (Khopra Ridge) trek to explore the Annapurna region with less crowd;

1.The best tailor-made (customizable) trek at Annapurna region

Khopra Danda Trek is the best tailor-made trek as it gives you multiple options to the duration of trek and exit route from Khopra Danda itself. One can complete Khopra Danda within 5 days however it can be extended as per your tastes up to 3 weeks that can stretch as far as Muktinath in Annapurna Circuit Trek or Annapurna Base Camp or Mardi Himal Or Mohare Danda trekking route. 

You can add Ghorepani for the best sunrise view, or you can add Khayer Lake at top of the Khopra Danda for a high altitude Lake and an even closer view of Mt. Annapurna or you can have natural hot springs at Tatopani. The trek has multiple viewpoints where you can see 23 different mountains including the Annapurna Massif, Mt Machapuchare, Mt Nilgiri, Mt Dhaulagiri and more. The best part of the Khopra Danda trek is tailoring the trail according to your own choice.

2.Ethnic traditional Village

Swata village

At 2270 meters above sea level standing on Annapurna South gives a beautiful and interesting view over the valley that is filled with green organic farmland. Everyone will be pleased after having the view of huts that are not clustered together. Every hut is separated from another by a potato from of their own. 

Ghandruk Village

The ethnic traditional Ghandruk village is an altitude of 1920m above sea level and offers you the traditional culture of the Gurung people, Gurung Museum and the majestic views of various mountain peaks. The fantastic views of Mount Annapurna, Mount Machhapuchhare and Mount Himchuli are a specialty of Ghandruk village. 

3.Trek through a variety of terrain

khopradanda trek blog

Khopra Danda trek offers you a walk that leads through various terrains that starts from subtropical cultivated areas and end as high as alpine zones with snow lines. The trail leads you through dry grassy ridges, mossy forests, bamboo forests, snowy hilltops, rocky rivers and waterfalls depending upon the season. Experience the physical variation from off the beaten steep climbs and descents; to ambling flat trails where you have amazing views of Mountains, beautiful landscapes and ethnic villages. The best alternative trek of Annapurna Base Camp trek takes you to the deepest gorge in the world, Kali Gandaki. The trail has ups and downs challenges, but not the crazy steps like ABC to experience the best alternative trek of Annapurna Base Camp.

4. Easily accessible free WIFI

Easily accessible free Wi-Fi is another great facility at Khopra Danda TREK, as travelers get fast and satisfying Wi-Fi at community lodges & home stays as it is less crowded in comparison to Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. 

You may feel miles far from friends and home, yet still, you can share posts and photos from the Mountain.

5. Beautiful panoramic sunrise and sunset without crowds

Khopra Danda trek has multiple viewpoints; Mulde Viewpoint, Khopra Danda and Khayer Lake where you can see a beautiful sunrise and sunset view. The view of sunrise and sunset were superb from Mulde viewpoint and atop from Khopra Danda, with the valley filled with clouds below and rays of the sun that spill over the Mountain in all its glory without crowds. 

6. Know the real lifestyle and culture of people

Even though Nepal is a small country more than 140 languages are spoken and each has its own culture. In the famous tourist hubs like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Ghorepani Poonhill it is harder to get a true lifestyle and culture in their life because of globalization. You can experience the real lifestyle and culture at places like newly opened Khopra Danda Trek. Hiring the guide and porter is the best way to learn their way of living. Even though they follow Hinduism and Buddhism they have different languages, casts, and festivals with UNITY IN DIVERSITY. 

7. Support for rural community

Traveling to rural areas like Khopra Danda is a great opportunity to participate and be involved in the local communities' life. This creates opportunities to improve the quality of life and economic growth.  Most of the Mountain villages where the tourists visit will find people that are very kind and hospitable and warm hosts.   

Tourism is an important source of income for rural Himalayan Areas of Nepal where tourists visit pristine rural areas to see and feel the place in its natural environment with great natural and cultural scenery.

8. Diverse Wildlife

The Annapurna region has become a very popular destination for trekking due to breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and diverse wildlife. Annapurna conservation area is the largest protected area in Nepal and some of the most popular trekking routes in this region are the world-famous Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and as well as newly opened Khopra Danda and Mardi Himal

Including the rare Snow Leopards and Blue Sheep, there are 120 species of animals and around 500 species of birds live in the conservation area and various species of orchids and rhododendrons.

If you love to see the natural beauty of animals, birds, blossoms, rhododendron flowers, off the beaten path style and world’s deepest river gorge- Kali Gandaki Gorge in a natural environment, Khopra Danda trek offers you several features.  Join Our Khopra Danda Trek.

For those who love to excursion without crowds in ethnic villages, see wildlife, breathtaking snow-capped mountains, beautiful landscapes adorned with alpine forests and the local culture of people then this trek is for you. 

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