How to choose best outdoor gear for Hikers and Backpackers

"Comfort, durability and style" one thing every traveler should have when they start backpacking. Without quality gear hiking and trekking are often strenuous and it’s often tend to be the hardest to find!  Whether you leisurely walk through a nearby day hike or trekking trail on mountain, this increasingly popular outdoor activity can do wonders for our mental as well as physical health. But to get to experience all the fun and excitement of hiking without any of the hassles, it’s very important to pack the right gear and equipment

Not all outdoor brands make high-quality products. The bigger name's outdoor clothing is expensive but well worth to investment which may last for lifetime.  There's no point in having a gear that lasts a lifetime if you feel terrible there is plenty of local gear out there that still good to use as your Guide or local people use. After all, it may your beginning and would like to pack a great backpack! As a guideline Your necessity will change depending on terrain and length of hike, trek, and climb.

There is no any outdoor brand excels in all segments of hiking and trekking gear; some of them produces top notch backpack but not a clothing and other equipment. The top notch brand differs from other by utilizing technology and customer's feedback which makes their product's durable and comfortable.

To help you short out high quality comfortable hiking, trekking and backpacking products, here is the some key point how to choose best outdoor gear for Hikers and Backpackers in 2022 as our experience to be a guide for hiking and trekking.  

Here is the idea how to choose a right backpacking and hiking list of all segments gear (e.g. footwear, clothing, backpack, accessories, equipment and other necessary gear) to keep you warm and safe on your next hike.

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Footwear: Hiking Boot 

How to choose best trekking / hiking shoes

Good hiking and trekking shoes has right balance of comfort, weight and durability which make a huge difference with every step along the trail. Choosing a right pair of hiking, trekking shoes is one of the most important decisions you will make. 

You don’t have any fun on your trek or hike of any length if you got bloody blisters on your feet or you feel any uncomfortable! It may take some time to experiment with which shoes is comfortable; let's start with the key features to the best hiking or trekking trail shoes and how to choose.

What are most important features for hiking/trekking shoes?


The weight of your feet zaps is more energy than weight carried on your back. Light weight boots mean less stumbling, less muscle fatigue and help avoid knee and hip flexor problems. If you are planning off the beaten trekking or hiking trail or taking heavier pack, you may more confident in more burly durable boot.   It's not mean that heavier boots are bad though.


Many hikers and trekkers use boots because of the ankle support they provide. If you are searching for maximum ankle support, you should go with a boot that sits higher up on the ankle but make sure to tie the laces tightly.


Fitting is personal, so what works for some may not be the same for others. In general lightweight, breathable, and waterproof, are key features for trekking and hiking boots. For most hikers and trekkers, lightweight hiking boot that’s comfy enough for long distances. Made with a flexible knitted upper material, cushioning that supports your foot shape, 360 heel support, and memo foam, these boots provide the ultimate in walking comfort on all types of terrain. The exterior is enhanced with waterproofing, and the Michelin outsole provides excellent grip on challenging alpine trails.


Waterproof boots can be a more useful if you are hiking/trekking in snowy, raining, high altitude and muddy areas. On the other hand, waterproof boots aren’t very breathable on hot days, or in day hike because they can be heavy and slow to dry when they get wet. Non-waterproof boots are lighter and more breathable, they dry fairly quickly.

Down Jacket

best down jacket every thing you need to know before buy down jacket for your next outdoor hiking

keeping a lot of crap in your closet isn’t a great idea. Best functional outerwear is essential when hitting the trails, so just invest in a few key pieces of hiking and trekking cloth to keep your backpack small and weighs as little as possible. In general, choose clothing which is fit well and wick/dry quickly. Keeping weight to a minimum is very important for long trekking/hiking trail. If you are looking for a down jacket, then choose a jacket that packs down small and weights as little as possible. Here are the key features which you need keep in your mind while choosing:


It’s a worth considering warmth down jacket while you are doing high altitude trekking and hiking. Either its summer or shoulder season, it's always cold in mountain when you cross up 3,000 meters. Even in the summer, in the mornings and evenings there is a cold so all you need good down jacket for warmth. It's always better to ask your guide or an agency for how extreme the temperature gets in High Mountain.


Down jackets are made with nylon, pertex fabrics, or polyester. Considering down jacket made from durable fabric is good idea for particularly rugged places and high altitude treks and hikes. Even the world recognized down jackets can get torn or develop holes so makes sure before porches. 


Most down jackets are not waterproof enough to stand in rain and snowfall and eventually start moisture. We recommended buy a down jacket slim, windproof, water repellent, absarian-resistant and glorious packable with an extended full hood for added protection against rain as well as wind. No doubt these features satisfied you and it will become you favorite hiking/trekking accessory.


best backpack for Everest base camp trek

All right! Now you have your all gear and need a backpack to carry it all in. If you are looking for best backpack, then the most important aspect is that fits you properly. Many companies’ updating features and innovations day by day regarding the traveler's feedback. Features like water bottle pockets, waist straps or chest and loops for hitching gear will probably depend on the level of activity. Your backpack can be last for thousands of miles and for long years, so it's not bad to invest in high quality back. We recommended you a high quality solid light weight bag.

What are most important features for hiking/trekking backpack?


Weight is the one of the most important part together with health condition while you are you go for multiday hiking and trekking in high altitude. Your bag is one of the heavy things you carry on your trips, so very important to keep the high quality solid light weight bagpack. Your bagpack most have a good balance between weight, comfort, and durability for multiday hiking and trekking.


It's very important to choose a bag volume depends on your trip activity and duration. But we would recommend you a foldable heavy bag pack which has a lot of volume for carrying heavy loads comfortably and can be used for day and multiday hiking and trekking both. 


Bagpack must be waterproof enough to stand in rain and snowfall. Some bagpack come with integrated rain cover, while other has separately. We recommended buy a backpack, water repellent protection against rain as well as snow which save your packpack.


Some backpack can last for thousands of miles and for many years, so it is good idea to invest in good quality. But, who usually don’t go to hiking and trekking is not good idea to invest big money in bagpack. It is not worthy that you invest bigger money than your hiking/trekking just for backpack that usually don’t go to multi day hike or trek.

Most backpacks is top loading which access all the items inside through  the top but keep in mind that choose a backpack which is equipped  for day pack compartment on backside for essential things that can open like suitcase and other department to the bottom side  for particular item inside of  backpack.

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