Nepal travel restriction and quarantine requirements

Nepal Government has officially decided to lift the ban on issuing on-arrival visa to foreign travellers.

Nepal government has by far provided vaccine to more than 30 percent citizens and almost all the tourism industry manpower. Nepal has very low count of new covid-19 cases which is an affirmative scene to remove or loosen the quarantine days but the covid-19 test is mandatory. We will provide you with newest updates about the restriction that will help you to customize your dates during your trip in Nepal. Taking concern above the covid-19 restrictions, the government has officialy decided to remove the quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers. We will provide you with newest updates about the restriction that will help you to customize your dates during your trip in Nepal

Here is the newly reformed protocol’s for vaccinated traveler’s and non-vaccinated traveler’s (against COVID19) confirmation.


Required documet for vaccinated vatraveler’s

Travel management order for the treters arriving and departing from Nepal 2021, has been issued as per the decision of Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers) dated 22nd September 2021, provisioning the following conditions. This notice has been issued by the Department of Immigration superseding all former related notices: 

1. All foreigners arriving Nepal via immigration office at the airport or land border should submit the following documents in addition to the visa related documents for on-arrival-visa at the entry/exit point:

a) Evidence of completion of 14 days of full vaccination against COVID-19,

b) COVID-19 negative report (RT-PCR, Gene Expert, True NAAT or WHO accredited test) obtained within 72 hours of the departure from first port of embarkation or within 72 hours, if entering Nepal by land.

c) Copy of mountaineering / trekking permits or other related permits if any.

d) Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal,

e) Print copy of International Traveler Online Arrival Form obtained after online registration in 


2. Foreigners without complete vaccination against COVID-19, must obtain the visa from the Nepali diplomatic missions abroad and are allowed to enter Nepal only through agencies. Such foreigners should submit the documents aforementioned in 1(b), (c), (d) & (e) and are subject to 10 days hotel quarantine at their own cost, and are permitted to work as per the purpose of their visit only if tested negative on the 11th day.

3. Non-resident Nepali originally from Nepal or their family members or foreigners married to Nepali citizen should submit the documents aforementioned in 1(b), (b) & (e) in addition to the visa related documents for on-arrival-visa.


However, those arriving Nepal in the case of the emergency enlisted below are permitted to move towards the destination only if tested antigen negative, else are subject to isolation following the health protocols:

a) Those arriving with the recommendation letter of the local level to attend the funeral of their relative according to the religion, custom and tradition.

b) Chronic patients, disabled and the persons accompanying them with the medical documents and recommendation letter of local level.

c) Senior citizens above 75 years and their caregivers, minors below and their parents with the recommendation of the local level.5 years

d) Those arriving Nepal with medical documents and recommendation of the local level to look after their relative admitted in ICU or ventilator.



For non vaccinated travellers Visa Approval letter; following documents are required:

  1. scanned copy of the passport
  2. flight itinerary
  3. travel insurance
    ingfographic - Entry Protocol, Oct. 1, 2021




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