Travel Photography

With the presence of various wildlife reserves, natural parks, and conservation areas, there are many vintage birds and animals to be found in Nepal which can be captured by the animal lover. If you are the lover of nature you can visit various rivers, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, sunrise, and sunset places and capture the moments in your cameras.

For travel and photography Nepal is one of the best palaces to visit. With the variation in peoples taste and preference there are variety of things which can be captured in one’s camera. If someone is the lover of culture and lifestyles, there are various cultures to be found in different places of Nepal. With their own traditions, languages, dresses and others everything will be a good moments and memories to be captured in camera. Also if someone so the lover of mountains, hills there are various mountains and hills which gives a heavenly feeling and they can be a pleasure to be captured in camera

So, as per the taste of people there are various exciting, romantic, beautiful and breathtaking scenes and moments which needs to be captured by camera.