Local Living

The better way to know about the country is by immersing yourself right to the hearty of the place. Local living means staying at the locality, villages, or city areas which gives the overall knowledge about the tradition, culture, lifestyle, living, and other factors.

Local living gives the natural; and unique experiences, living in the villages will give you a real and natural experience. Imagine eating fresh healthy foods right from the garden, drinking pure water from tube well, jogging in the roads and paths of villages, will give a natural and refreshing feeling.

There are various places in Nepal which are famous for local living. Some of the places are: Ghandruk, Chitlang, Panauti, Bhaktapur, Manang, Mustanag, Rara, Solukhumbu, etc. and many more. Each place has its unique character in terms of culture, traditions and values. With the welcoming nature of Nepalese local living also becomes friendly and welcoming.

Hence, one should experience and feel the natural setting of Nepalese people by staying at any place with their interest and enjoy the moments and take good memories.