Jungle Safari and Wildlife

Nepal is the country of green forests and natural vegetation, also called as the country of forests. Due to the presence of forests there are many wild life reserves and naturals parks to be found in Nepal. Nepal richness in bio-diversity has made Nepal as an ideal eco-tourism destination.

Altogether Nepal has nine National Parks, three wildlife reserves, one hunting reserve, and six conservation areas covering a total of 28,999 square kilometers which is 19.87 percentage of Nepal’s total land. These wildlife reserves and national parks is mainly covered the mixture of savannah, grassland, and riverine forest. Jungle safari in Nepal offers excitement and enjoyment with the programmers included as canoe rides, elephant ride safari, birds watching, and nature walks, with the view of villages and their tradition and culture of local people. With the tour in jungle one can get to watch various birds and animals including one horned rhinoceros, beer leopard dolphin, crocodile, tigers, birds, various species of deer, and much more.

With the presence of various vintage and protected birds and animals, jungle tour becomes much more excitement with the elephant ride or in a 4 Wheeler Drive with expert naturalist. Some of the famous and must view wild life reserves and natural parks are: Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, Langtang National Park, Koshi Tapu, and many others. Thus, jungle safari in Nepal is much more exciting and challenging with the presence of natural view of birds and animals with naturalist experts.