Cultural Tours

Nepal is a country of cultural diversity and religious disparity. Various ethnic groups are found which have different values and traditions. From East to West and North to South, each part of Nepal has its own cultural setting. There are very few places in the world with a warm welcoming and harmonious blend of culture as found in Nepal. The heart city of Nepal, Kathmandu valley enriched with monuments, temples, culture, and various world heritage sites, also known as a city of temples. Nepal’s refreshing weather, fertile soil, natural setting, and warm friendly people has been one of the attractive parts for many people to visit Nepal. Nepal is a federal democratic country with 101 ethnicities to be found with various cultural disparity. There are many holy pilgrimage sites, monuments, and historic sculptures which enhances the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal. Almost all of the caste and religions are found in Nepal with the majority of Hinduism and Buddhism, which have numerous gods, goddess, temples, stupas, and monuments.

The natural environment, warmth greetings of people, and mountainous scenery will make your visit one of the most memorable and romantic experiences in the land of Nepal. Nepal’s culture is a collection of varied art & craft, music, and dance, language, and literature, art, and craft, faith and values, foods and drinks

Culture is one of the main attraction of Nepal, one who travels in Nepal will get to know about various cultural taste and preferences. People of Nepal are very warm welcoming and helpful which makes the trip warmer and enjoy fully. Newars being indigenous of Kathmandu Valley are rich in arts, crafts, metal works. Rai, Limbu of Himalayan region have their own festival and culture and they have their own dressings and language. Nepal is the home of more than 135 languages, which makes Nepal very diversified and rich in cultural diversity. Hence, one needs to travel and see the cultural beauty of the country.